CAPER has dedicated several meeting sessions to developing a better understanding and better definition of Workforce Development. Industry, university faculty, and students have presented ideas on what makes up an exceptional educational experience.

Accreditation and Other Pressures on Requirements and Curriculum Design
Randy Collins, Clemson University

All the World Needs is Unlimited EE’s in Power
Kevin Bevins, Santee Cooper

Challenges Imposed by University Research Requirements
Badrul Chowdhury, UNC Charlotte

Challenges in Making Course Content Relevant to Industry and Interesting to Entice Students into Graduate Studies
Elham Makram, Clemson University

Clemson University Power Engineering Curricula
Randy Collins, Clemson University

Clemson University College Experience
Klaehn Burkes, Clemson University

Difficulties Involving Industry in the Educational Process
David Lubkeman, NC State University

Packing the Innovation Pipeline
Rob Manning, EPRI

Power Curriculum at NC State
Mesut Baran, NC State University

Power Curriculum at UNC Charlotte
Cara Chacko, UNC Charlotte

Power Engineering Curriculum at NC State: A Student Perspective
Catie McEntee, NC State University

Workforce Development – What the Power Industry Needs From Universities
Steve Whisenant, Duke Energy