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A Storm Is Coming, and It’s Named EV

ELECTRIFICATION A Storm Is Coming, and It’s Named EV Electric transportation meets customer needs, provides environmental benefits, supports America’s energy security. Michael Mazzola DEC 02, 2020 Twenty-five named tropical storms in 2020? A global pandemic making business air travel as scarce as a first-class upgrade used to be? What could be worse? According to Mike […]

Illinois’ Six Nuclear Energy Facilities

Illinois’ Six Nuclear Energy Facilities at Full Power During Record Cold Snap Exelon Generation Illinois nuclear plants operated at full power throughout record cold snap, producing around-the-clock, carbon-free electricity for 11 million homes and businesses   November 13, 2019 04:15 PM Eastern Standard Time WARRENVILLE, Ill.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–While temperatures plunged to record-breaking lows during an unusual […]

Dominion Energy Sets New Goal of Net Zer...

Dominion Energy Sets New Goal of Net Zero Emissions by 2050 February 12, 2020 Dominion Energy today (2/11) announced a significant expansion of the company’s greenhouse gas emissions-reduction goals, establishing a new commitment to achieve net zero emissions by 2050. The goal covers carbon dioxide and methane emissions, the dominant greenhouse gases, from our electricity generation […]

California blackouts: A ‘wake-up call’ f

ENERGY TRANSITIONS Calif. blackouts: A ‘wake-up call’ for clean energy? Peter Behr, E&E News reporterPublished: Thursday, August 20, 2020 Solar panels near Blythe, Calif., are shown in this January 2019 file photo. California is facing possible blackouts as a heat wave has pushed the regional power grid to the brink. Timothy Hearsum/Newscom When rolling blackouts hit […]

Ten times more energy storage needed for...

DRAX Ten times more energy storage needed for Britain to reach net zero climate target December 6, 2019 Great Britain risks failing to meet its 2050 net zero carbon targets unless energy storage from technologies like pumped hydro and batteries increases tenfold to support more renewables on the electricity system. Across Great Britain, Europe and […]

Understanding the Grid

Department of Energy INFOGRAPHIC: Understanding the Grid NOVEMBER 17, 2014 Home » INFOGRAPHIC: Understanding the Grid   Sarah Gerrity, Energy Department.” title=”Our #GridWeek infographic shows how electricity is generated, transmitted and distributed for use in our homes. | Graphic by Sarah Gerrity, Energy Department.” data-borealis-style=”respondxl” style=”border: 0px; max-width: 100%; height: auto; width: 820px;”> Our #GridWeek infographic […]

Electric Truck Startup Xos Raises $20 Mi...

EDITORS’ PICK|8,983 views|Aug 18, 2020,12:35pm EDT Electric Truck Startup Xos Raises $20 Million To Scale Production Liane YvkoffSenior Contributor Transportation I write about bleeding edge automotive technology.   The battery-powered Xos semi-truck. XOS VIA BOB BERESH PHOTOGRAPHY LLC A newly adopted landmark ruling requires more than half of all commercial trucks sold in California to […]

USA Is #1 In The World For Renewable Ene...

USA Is #1 In The World For Renewable Energy Investment Attractiveness Twitter LinkedIn Facebook May 27th, 2020 by Zachary Shahan I know — this will blow the mind of many people who follow US politics closely. But that’s just a reminder that political chaos isn’t everything. The United States has apparently regained #1 in EY’s Renewable Energy Country […]