Project Title: Basics of Distribution System Modeling and Power Flow Workshop

Project Summary: The purpose of this project is to offer a one-day workshop focused on electric power distribution system modeling and power flow analysis, geared towards engineers, computer scientists, and data scientists working in the power industry.  The workshop aims at enhancing and deepening attendees’ understanding of distribution systems modeling, with special interest in load modeling, and distribution power flow calculations. The material will be developed specifically for an audience composed of grid analytics professionals.

The proposed one-day workshop targets an audience of analytics professionals interested in learning more about electric power distribution systems modeling and analysis.  Specifically, the focus will be on modeling of distribution systems (including three-phase unbalanced systems), load model types, and distribution (radial) power flow problem formulation and solution methods.

Workshop topics include:

  • * Overview of electric power systems (generation, transmission, distribution)
  • * Introduction to the distribution system and its components, including:
    • -transformers (Y and Delta 3-phase connections),
    • -voltage regulators and capacitor banks,
    • -circuit breakers, fuses, and reclosers,
    • -distribution lines (3-phase and 1-phase, overhead and underground).
  • *Balanced vs unbalanced systems
  • *Analysis of unbalanced systems, including and overview of symmetrical components
  • *Distribution system modeling
  • *Load modeling, including model types (constant current, constant impedance, constant power)
  • *System component failure modes
  • *Distribution power flow: formulation and overview of solution methods
    • -Examples of calculating distribution power flow for both balanced and unbalanced systems

University Team Members
Lead: Dr. Valentina Cecchi – UNC Charlotte
Members: Dr. Badrul Chowdhury – UNC Charlotte

Industry Advisor: Andrew Kling – Duke Energy