We intend to carry out our mission through the following objectives:

  • Facilitate an open dialogue, exchange of ideas and collaboration among academia, industry and government on critical industry issues
  • Engage in advanced-thinking around future scenarios for the electric power industry and the challenges that lie ahead
  • Conduct research for state-of-the-art solutions to these challenges using an approach that utilizes the multidisciplinary expertise among all universities and industry in the consortium
  • Collaborate in everything we do while pursuing, discovering and sharing knowledge
  • Educate future power engineers through Undergraduate Research, Student Exchange, Workshops and Tutorials, Training Sessions, Internships and Co-op Programs among the University Centers and Industry Partners
  • Ensure sustainability in high-quality university educational programs that enhances the workforce development and establishes a mechanism for sharing resources (facilities, data, and tools) among industry partners and various university centers

For more information on CAPER, please download our Brochure.