How CAPER’s Research Program Works
CAPER sponsored research projects are developed and selected through an industry-university collaborative process. University researches and industry members meet together to discuss issues, challenges and needs for the future. A research solicitation is then circulated throughout the membership and teams of researchers, typically from two or more CAPER universities, develop proposals in conjunction with industry advisors. These proposals are reviewed and evaluated by industry members and recommendations for funding are made to the Center Steering Committee. At the Fall meeting of the Industry Advisory Board (IAB), presentations are made on the recommended proposals. The IAB then votes on its final slate of projects recommended for funding. The Center Director works with members of the Center Steering to make the final selections of projects to be awarded.

Industry members pay annual membership fees that support the base research program. Additional supplementary membership funds can be made available and applied to targeted projects that are consistent with CAPER’s mission and objectives. This type funding is often used to expand the scope of an existing project, fund a particular project that did not make the cut, extend an existing line of research and support field demonstrations or trial use of data by a particular CAPER member.

CAPER Research Themes
CAPER’s comprehensive research program are