The multidisciplinary expertise of the numerous CAPER researchers brings a unique set of resources to the Center. Not only does each university bring unique facilities and research opportunities, the researchers themselves come from many backgrounds with a wide range of expertise. Specialties include power systems, applied mathematics, complex systems, computing, control theory, power electronics, operations research, non-linear systems, economics, IT, Security, industrial organizations and public policy. CAPER’s efforts and research into new areas will allow universities to add to their curricula a number of courses that will focus on grid resiliency, grid disaster recovery, control and forecasting of an increasing penetration of distributed renewable resources and system protection.

The consortium aspires to have 60 to 100 graduate students annually among the various universities who will be able to complete their studies across the different facilities in the consortium depending on their interests and skill sets. This strategy will assure that the Southeast universities provide maximum value to the energy industry without wasteful replication at individual sites.

Clemson University

North Carolina State University

University of North Carolina Charlotte