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State of Battery Recycling – Can We Meet

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY | The following report provides a thorough overview of the current and upcoming lithium-ion battery recycling targets and illustrates what it will take to meet these targets by all parties involved.  We are not only asking if we can meet our LIB recycling obligations; we are also asking if these recycling obligations are […]

Opinion: Nuclear Power Is the Best Clima...

Opinion: Nuclear Power Is the Best Climate-Change Solution by Far Wall Street Journal • 11-04-21 • By Andrew I. Fillat and Henry I. Miller Politics seems to have become inimical to critical thinking, and nowhere is this more obvious than climate change. Politicians peddle apocalypse and demand that Americans accept skyrocketing gasoline and home heating […]

Forget batteries. This 100-year-old tech...

Forget batteries. This 100-year-old technique provides cheap energy storage for wind and solar power Fast Company, 1-22-22 • 01-22-22 • By Andrew Blakers To cut U.S. greenhouse gas emissions in half within a decade, the Biden administration’s goal, the U.S. is going to need a lot more solar and wind power generation, and lots of […]

Editorial: Closing California’s last nuc

Editorial: Closing California’s last nuclear power plant would be a mistake Washington Post • 11-16-21 • By Editorial Board In 2018, California’s leaders decided to close the state’s last nuclear power plant, at Diablo Canyon, by 2025. Several months later, they approved a bill obligating the state to be carbon-neutral by 2045. These acts of […]

As Tesla, Ford and others invest billion...

As Tesla, Ford and others invest billions in EVs, will the power system be ready? Utility Dive • 11-03-21 • By Herman K. Trabish Transitioning transportation, the nation’s biggest source of carbon emissions, to clean electricity is urgent, but will not be easy, according to charging companies, auto industry analysts and others. President Joe Biden’s […]

Big winners from natural-gas crunch: Coa...

Big winners from natural-gas crunch: Coal power plants in Europe Wall Street Journal • 11-17-21 • By Joe Wallace Coal power plants are running at full tilt in parts of Europe and enjoying a rare bout of massive profitability, a setback to efforts to cut carbon emissions. Under Europe’s climate policies, this shouldn’t be happening. […]

In The News Coverage From CAPER 2021 Spr...

As woods give way to solar farms, state to issue controversial rules that could harm solar industry When Brian Hagberg and his wife bought their home in a suburb west of Boston, the main appeal was the dense woods just off their backyard, which they were assured would never be developed Then two years […]

A Storm Is Coming, and It’s Named EV

ELECTRIFICATION A Storm Is Coming, and It’s Named EV Electric transportation meets customer needs, provides environmental benefits, supports America’s energy security. Michael Mazzola DEC 02, 2020 Twenty-five named tropical storms in 2020? A global pandemic making business air travel as scarce as a first-class upgrade used to be? What could be worse? According to Mike […]