CAPER’s Organization
The CAPER organization includes, a Center Director, appointed for a term of five years, Center Co-Directors from each university, Center Steering Committee and Industry Advisory Board officers as shown below.



Current Center Director is Dr. Michael Mazzola, UNC Charlotte in Charlotte, NC.  The University of North Carolina at Charlotte serves as the lead university.  Dr. Mesut Baran serves as the Center Co-Director for NC State University, Dr. Badrul Chowdhury serves as the Center Co-Director for UNC Charlotte, and Dr. Johan Enslin serves as Center Co-Director for Clemson University.  Steven Whisenant, Duke Energy serves as Chair of the Center Steering Committee comprised of the Center Director, Center Co-Directors and Klaehn Burkes of SRNL as chair of the IAB and Andrew Clarke of Duke Energy as Vice-Chair of the IAB.  Steven Whisenant also serves as CAPER Facilitator.

The Center Director and the CSC are responsible for establishing policy and overseeing all business of the Center.

The Center Co-Directors serve as local campus representatives and liaisons to the university faculty, staff and administration.

The Facilitator is responsible for developing and leading meetings of the CSC and IAB.  The Facilitator also promotes discussions to help CAPER better meet its objectives, grow its membership and assist the Center Director to ensure good communications exists among industry members and CAPER researchers.