Project Title: Development and Demonstration of a 40kW Photovoltaic Synchronous Generator (PVSG)

Project Summary: The most significant innovation proposed is the design and development of a 40 kW hybrid energy storage system (HESS) that works in parallel with commercial PV inverters. The entire system behaves like a PVSG. It is a significant step needed to make all PV systems behave like today’s dispatchable generators that can provide both Voltage and Frequency support to the grid. Prior work in this area has focused on PV-only or battery-only. This approach combines PV, ultra-capacitor and battery to improve performance. Publication and public demonstration will be considered during the course of the project.

University Team Members
Alex Huang, NC State
Members: Ramtin Hadidi, Clemson University

Industry Advisors: Kevin Chen and John Gajda, Duke Energy