Project Title: How State Regulators are Attributing Costs and Benefits to Distributed Generation

Project Summary: As Distributed Generation (DG) has become more common, state regulators have grappled with how to properly value the resource in relation to its impacts on the grid. Numerous state agencies have studied the issue of valuing DG to varying degrees in an attempt to determine fair, long-term solutions. To determine best practices for the southeast, we will undertake an analysis of Distributed Generation (DG) valuation studies conducted by state utility commissions and other agencies. This project will compare the overall DG values themselves, the value of various DG components where available, and methodologies used to determine DG value components. When possible this project will also incorporate cost-of-service studies from across the country.

University Team Members
Lead: Mesut Baran, NC State
Members: Ethan Case, NC State and Ronak Bhatt and Badrul Chowdhury, UNC Charlotte

Industry Advisors: Ron Belvin and Sam Holeman, Duke Energy