Project Title:  Fundamentals of Power Engineering to Support Integration of Distributed Energy Resources

Project Summary: This project will develop course materials and instructor teaching aids to deliver a four-week course. The main goal of this course is to provide newly graduated engineering students and power professionals with a quick but broad introduction on power engineering fundamentals related with the integration of distributed energy resources (DERs). This course materials will include fundamentals of power system design and operations pertinent to the adoption of DERs (e.g. energy storage, solar photovoltaics, controllable loads, etc.) in power system operation and planning. Many engineering graduates today did not receive the necessary training on the basics of three-phase electric power because most universities no longer require power systems be taken by all electrical engineering students. This course will cover basic topics usually taught in a two-semester elective power engineering curriculum. After taking this condensed course, engineers with a general engineering background will be equipped to master the following fundamental materials on how to operate and plan a three-phase electricity power system: the modeling of power system components, power flow studies, economic dispatch, unit commitment, power system dynamic response, the modeling of microgrid and DERs.

University Team Members
Lead: Dr. Ramtin Hadidi, Clemson University
Members: Badrul Chowdhury, UNC Charlotte and Ning Lu, NC State University

Industry Advisors:
Steven Whisenant, Duke Energy
Jeff Broomfield, Siemens
Kat Sico, Duke Energy
Klaehn Burkes, SRNL