Center for Advanced Power Engineering Researach


To advance, develop and promote research related to reliable and efficient management of the power grid, including modeling and analysis techniques for generation, transmission, and distribution planning and operation with and without presence of renewable energy resources.

Industry Partners

A critical element for
the success of an organization like CAPER is a well-connected and collaborative environment with our Industry Partners.

Collaborating Universities

Clemson University
NC State University
UNC Charlotte

South East Grid

The Southeast region of the United States is the fastest growing energy consuming region in the US. With several of the nation’s largest utilities headquartered here and major global suppliers and manufacturers situated throughout

The Center for Advanced Power Engineering Research (CAPER) is a membership driven consortium among several universities and industry partners in the Southeast region of the US. The main mission of the center is to develop and demonstrate grid modernization technologies and enhance the educational experience for students in electric power engineering. With an aging infrastructure, rising demands for cleaner electricity and extreme weather conditions, the nation’s utilities are working to meet these operational and planning challenges while maintaining a resilient and reliable grid. As a collaborative effort, CAPER will develop research and demonstrate advanced technologies to meet the operational and expansion needs under uncertainties with an increased penetration of distributed renewable generation. Its Industry Advisory Board (IAB), composed of numerous industry partners, meets twice per year with CAPER researchers and students to conduct business and to engage in discussions about the Center’s research and education activities.