Project Title: Distributed Energy Storage and EV Holding Capacity with Value Proposition Development

Project Summary:This project focuses on value proposition and modeling of distributed energy storage and electric vehicles penetration across the Duke Energy distribution system and subsequently studying the effects and value of various energy storage penetration levels on the system. As part of the project, a multitude of case studies will be analyzed and will account for the 2025 projection of load, including EV projects, and Solar PV growth (uniformly and non-uniformly distributed, if applicable). Holding capacity, dynamic studies for the distribution system and real-time studies on representative feeders will be performed.

In the second phase, the value proposition of using distributed energy storage, including possible load growth due to EV penetration, across the Duke Energy system, will be performed. The major deliverables in this project will consist of a report, tutorials and papers identifying potential system vulnerabilities (i.e. problematic areas/nodes) and presenting analytical results and observations, but also provide evaluation of the possible value proposition and business case for distributed energy storage.

University Team Members
Dr. Johan Enslin – Clemson University
Members: Valentina Cecchi – UNC Charlotte

Industry Advisors:
Tom Fenimore – Duke Energy
Steve Whisenant – Duke Energy
Chris Davidson – Siemens