Project Title: Incorporating EV and EV Charging Stations into Integrated Resource Planning

Project Summary: The fast growing electric vehicles (EVs) needs wide-scale deployment of EV charging stations (EVCS) with high-power fast EV chargers in the near future, which will bring great impact on power grid operation and planning.
Integrated resource planning (IRP) has been conducted by the utilities such as Duke Energy and Dominion Energy every year to examine foreseeable future resources regarding generation, distribution, transmission and demand side to ensure adequate, reliable, clean and economic power services to customers considering regulatory, financial and physical factors.

This project will (1) model and study the impact of EV charging beyond load forecasting and EVCS deployment on the integrated resource planning of Duke Energy Carolina (DEC) grid and Dominion Energy in terms of future generation resource mix shift and reserve allocations for accommodating EVs; (2)study the impact of EV charging especially fast EV charging on power grid stability; (3) with regulatory constraints and targets, we will model the EV and EVCS in the power grid operation and planning to study and evaluate the best plans for deploying EVCS and EV charging management strategy; (4) investigate the potential and values of EVs as a type of mobile energy storage to provide grid services and enhance grid resilience against extreme events such as hurricanes by smart EV charging management and optimal deployment of EVCS; (5) perform and analyze case studies on both distribution and bulk power grids. This project will perform case studies with the industry advisors at Dominion Energy and Duke Energy.

University Team Members
Lead: Dr. Linquan Bai – UNC Charlotte
Members: Dr. Johan Enslin – Clemson University

Industry Advisors: Andrew Clarke of Duke Energy, Yajun Wang of Dominion Energy and Penn N. Markham of Dominion Energy