Research solicitations are intended for members of CAPER to form collaborative teams and submit research proposals that are consistent with the mission for CAPER which is to advance, develop and promote research related to the reliable and efficient management of the power grid, including modeling and analysis techniques for generation, transmission and distribution planning and operation with and without presence of renewable energy resources. Project proposals are expected to align with the stated five research theme areas:

•  Power Delivery Infrastructure and Systems

•  Power Utilization and Energy Efficiency

•  Power Generation, Storage and Integration

•  Data Management, Analytics and Security

•  Energy Policy, Markets and Economics

The formal Solicitation for New Research Projects was issued in early December, 2019 with a submission deadline of February 28 , 2020.

Submitted proposals shall follow the guidelines provided in the solicitation. Any questions related to the project proposals can be directed to the Center Director or any one of the Site Co-Directors noted below:

Center Director: Dr. Michael Mazzola – UNC Charlotte University

Site Co-Director: Dr. Johan Enslin – Clemson University

Site Co-Director: Dr. Badrul Chowdhury – UNC Charlotte University

Site Co-Director: Dr. Mesut Baran – NC State University

You may also contact officers of the Industry Advisory Board noted below:

IAB Chair: Klaehn Burkes – SRNL

IAB Vice-Chair: Andrew Clarke – Duke Energy

Center Steering Committee Chair: Steven Whisenant – Duke Energy

Before submitting a project proposal, it is suggested that researchers and industry members attend the Research Planning Workshop held annually to promote discussions between universities and industry for the generation of research topics. Suggested research topics for solicitations are planned each year at the General Fall Meeting. In addition, university researchers and industry members can send descriptions of research topics to the Center Director, Dr. Michael Mazzola, for consideration.